2 Seconds Page Speed is the New Slow!


Google updates suggest that 2019 will be the year to seriously focus on page speed. Bringing together all updates on to a website is nice but if we’ve ignored the page download time, we will miss out to show up on the search results page!

Agency Under2

Working on website speed requires expertise and we are inviting one such expert to our Conversion & eCommerce Conference in Dublin. Under2 is a web agency that builds fast stuff! From small tweaks on website codes to full brand development, Under2 takes care of the aesthetics and technical details of websites to keep them fast and up-to-date with the accessibility standards.

Chris Simmance, keynote speaker from Under2

Coming to our conference is Chris Simmance, the Chairman of two digital agencies – Under2 and Optus Digital. Chris wears multiple hats at work as he manages marketing, sales, training and stating vision for his teams in the two agencies.   Explaining about his company Under2, Chris tells “We build fast stuff for the web, or we take slow stuff and make it faster. Everything we build loads in under 2 seconds.”

Landing Page Speed, Under2 | 3XE Digital Conference

Speed Up Websites for Better Conversions

He suggests that “2 seconds in the new slow for websites”. Therefore through his keynote presentation at the conference, Chris will share how & why to Speed Up websites for better conversions.

Talking about the 3 key points of his presentation, Chris highlights:

  1. There will be site speed optimisation tips.
  2. Companies will know why a website is broken and how tracking tags increase the load time.
  3. With examples he will show what a slim website looks like.

In our recent interaction with Chris Simmance, we discussed a few conversion tactics, digital trends and what influences him professionally.

Digital Trends in 2019

Predicting the digital trends for this year, Chris clarifies that voice won’t be as big as people think because markets aren’t fully prepared to deal with the paradigm shift. Mobile will continue to grow but as will tablet and the cross-browser experience will be easier to track (GDPR permitting, of course).

Conversion Widgets

When we asked whether website viewers really trust the in-web notifications that create urgency for purchase (for example: last 2 seats lefts / 5 more people are looking at this, etc.). Chris’ reply was “Nobody likes that stuff and it makes the value look lower. It works though!

Discounts for conversion?

His view on discounts and special offers as a conversion trick is that “Discounts lower the value of a proposition but again, they work when ££ is the motivator to the user.

Conversion Optimisation Tools

Chris Simmance who cares well for website speed tells that he wouldn’t recommend any of the commonly used conversion optimisation tools as they slow sites down! Best way is to build your own.

Websites that influence his work

For daily updates and guidance Chris relies on Search Engine Journal, Deepcrawl and SEMrush.

Landing Page Speed by Chris Simmance, Under2 | 3XE Digital Conference

Chris is a self-taught, self-motivated individual and people who make their own way in this industry are the ones who inspire him. We are looking forward to welcoming Chris Simmance at 3XE Conversion & eCommerce Conference on 14th February, 2019.

Join us! 

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