1 day / 16 great talks
20 speakers / 6 workshops

Croke Park, Dublin. Wednesday, 17th May, 2017


Content marketing is all about the creation and sharing of digital material. This includes videos, blogs, ebooks, articles and social media postings. It requires you, as a marketer, to understand how to develop and re-purpose this content in a way that promotes your brand values and causes customers to take action.

We have carefully curated this agenda to ensure that you leave this conference with clear and actionable takeaways around an understanding of how to implement a Content and Social Media Strategy for your business. The speakers that we have invited are definitely the people that you want to learn from, as they do this stuff every day, for themselves and their clients!

Here is the agenda for the “3XE Digital – Content & Social Media Conference“ that takes place on 17th May in Dublin, Ireland. As promised, the agenda includes plenty of networking opportunities.

Please note that this schedule is subject to change.


Anthony Quigley

Conference Opening

Your chairman for the conference, Anthony Quigley, will open the conference and introduce the agenda and topics for the day.




Natalie O’Keeffe, Business Development Manage at Google

Optimising Video as Part of the Content Marketing Mix

Natalie is an ambitious Digital Marketing professional with over 6 years experience in the marketing and digital marketing sector, working with Google’s top UK Media Agency Partners from the EMEA HQ. She helps brands to grow on Youtube – the world’s largest video platform!

Natalie previously held roles across Search Engine Marketing, Data & Analytics, Digital Planning & Strategy, and Sales, working with brands including Vodafone, Disney and Samsung, and Irish household names such as An Post, Dublin Airport, SuperValu and Centra.




Martin Casey, CEO of Arekibo

Details to Follow

Arekibo is a Dublin based Award Winning Digital Agency. Since 2002 they’ve been partnering with businesses to develop tailored digital strategies & brilliant digital products.




Kevin Koidl, CEO of Wripl Technologies

Cognitive Solutions – The What, Where and How

This talk will demystify what is meant by term “cognitive“ and how Cognitive Solutions can (and are) being applied by marketing professionals and business leaders across the globe. Specifically, Kevin will provide a range of marketing case studies where cognitive solutions have been applied. Some of the topics being covered include Trend Prediction, Machine Learning and Advanced schema-based SEO techniques.




Alan Coleman, CEO of Wolfgang Digital

Presentation Details to Follow

Alan is the Founder and CEO of performance marketing agency Wolfgang Digital, two-time European Search Awards Champions, winning the coveted “Grand Prix“ Prize in 2015 and the “Best Small PPC Agency“ award in 2016.

Alan writes for Moz and speaks at digital conferences such as SXSW Interactive, SES London, OMCAP Berlin, AdWorld Experience Bologna and The Dublin Web Summit. Oh, and 3XE Digital!




Keynote Speaker to be Announced

Exciting Details to Follow


Panel Discussion

This is some text that we can add to make it look important. This is some text that we can add to make it look important. This is some text that we can add to make it look important.



Coffee / Tea Break

Networking opportunities and a chance to meet with some of the sponsors as well as peers (and don’t forget your long-lost digital marketing friends that you seem to only meet and chat to online these days!)



Dave Morrissey, Client Solutions Manager of Retail & eCommerce at Facebook

The Future of Marketing is Traditional and Visual

In order for marketers to catch the wave of technology that enables personalization and consumer curation, there needs to be a reminder of the roots of marketing. And in our attention economy, marketers need to utilize will need to be video first in order to generate impact.




John Ring, CEO at Tinderpoint

Optimising Your Content Using Search Marketing Techniques

Details to Follow




Kieran Flanagan, VP of Marketing at HubSpot

How to Create Product Driven Growth

Kieran’s engaging presentation is all about building growth. He will provide delegates with a clear understanding of the 3 pillars to create awesome growth (acquisition, monetization, retention). Kieran talk will be peppered with examples from globally recognised brands and companies. He will also be including examples of client engagement operations that he has been working on while building this model HubSpot over the past year.




Laura Crimmons, Communications Director at BRANDED3

The Digital PR/Content Marketers Essential Toolkit

In this presentation, Laura shares some of the very best tools and apps available to help you to both succeed in link acquisition and content marketing in 2017. During her exciting talk, she will be focused on

* Finding and understanding your audience
* Finding easy link opportunities
* Idea generation – overcoming creative block
* Campaign creation – data sources, imagery sources etc
* Building seeding/contact lists – free and premium ways to find contact details
* Content promotion – beyond influencers how else to drive traffic
* Reporting value and results



Sean Earley

Sean Earley, Digital Creative Director at New/Slang

Real Time Marketing Isn’t Dead Yet

Seán’s entertaining presentation focuses on how Real Time Marketing, the once poster child of social media, hasn’t gone away and how it represents the apex of balancing business objectives with undeniable audience insight. He’ll also discuss how marketeers can build an agile template for success for activation. Seán draws from his wealth of experience in running successful Real Time Marketing campaigns for a range of clients including Unilever and Lidl.




Panel Discussion



Woohoo! Lunchtime!




We want to ensure that you get the very most from your attendance at the 3XE, so we have included a number of practical workshops. During the presentations, you will find out “what’s possible” using digital technologies. During the afternoon, you have a range of workshops to choose from. These workshops are all designed to provide you with “how to” know-how. The facilitators will take you behind the hype and show you how to actually implement certain aspects of content and social media marketing.The workshops are designed to ensure that you take away a clear and practical understanding on how to put your new-found marketing knowledge to use.You can choose to attend 2 of these workshops from the options below. Of course, your colleagues may elect to attend different workshops and you can compare notes afterwards.Each workshop is 40 minutes long. Choose from 2 of the following list.


Workshop #1


Laura Crimmons, Communications Director at BRANDED3

Utilising Data In Your Digital & PR Strategy

Data journalism has been on the rise for years; nowadays a large proportion of news stories will include some form of data in the headline or body meaning as a PR having data in your campaign can significantly help its pick-up chances.

The problem with this is that some brands still insist that they have no data they can share or that it’s too expensive to acquire, this will run through the various ways we can overcome this to leverage data in campaigns.

This Workshop will cover not just how to use data as part of the story but also how to use data to inform the overall strategy, examples of data types are:

* Publicly available – e.g. from a FOI request, ONS
* Company data – e.g. sales trends
* Purchased – e.g. from a survey or third party
* Freely collected – e.g. generated from a quiz

Ciontent Plan

Workshop #2


Greg Fry, CEO of Content Plan

Optimising Video As Part of Your Content Strategy

Greg is always an engaging and inspiring presenter. In this, very active workshop, Greg clearly demonstrates why you should actively encourage and promote video creation and usage as part of your storytelling and content marketing.


Workshop #3

Caoimhe Gaskin

Caoimhe Gaskin, Content Marketing at Digital Marketing Institute

Workshop Details On the Way!


Workshop #4


Google Expert To Be Confirmed

Presentation Details On the Way!

Workshop #5


David Gaughran at DavidGaughran.com

How Content Marketers Can Use Ebooks More Effectively

Content marketers generally think of e-books as lead-generation tools, image-heavy PDFs that are essentially white papers with some nice graphics.

The problem is, this approach was invented eight or nine years ago and it’s now a very outdated vision of ebooks and most people today read ebooks in completely different formats. This approach also neglects all the other valuable ways that ebooks can be used. For example, ebooks are a huge business and can be revenue generators themselves. Ebooks can also raise a company’s profile – the social proof/credibility from having a book (especially a bestselling one) can be significant.

Finally, even if you just want to focus on lead generation, you need to consider taking your ebook out of your walled garden and making it publicly available on Amazon – where ebooks can generate tens of thousands of downloads… a day.

Expected Learnings and Outcomes

* The basics on how to publish on Amazon (and Apple etc.) where self-publishers (and other “non-traditional” publishers) have taken over 40% of the market.
* Alternative ways to use ebooks/ebook content.
* Recognition of slightly different approach needed. Kindle ebooks are generally narrative-heavy rather than image-heavy which requires a slightly different style: more engaging, conversational, and stellar writing in general.
* Revenue potential is significant (royalties are up to 70% of sale price on Amazon), but more for general/how to books than B2B.
* Kindle ebooks are essentially just a collection of HTML pages zip-like wrapper, meaning you can put external links throughout the text, and direct readers to specific landing pages.

Workshop #6


To Be Confirmed

Details On the Way!



Coffee / Tea Break

Networking opportunities and also a welcome “pick-me-up“ after the workshop sessions.


Samuel Scott, Logz.io

Samuel Scott, Marcom Director at Logz.io & Columnist at The Drum

The Biggest Lies That Digital Marketers Tell Themselves

Too much of the time, people accept whatever so-called experts and influencers tell them. We believe whatever we hear within the digital marketing echo chamber — even when those ideas are presented without evidence and later shown to be false. In this keynote address, Samuel Scott, the Marcom Director of log analytics platform Logz.io and a columnist for The Drum, will highlight the biggest lies and falsehoods within online marketing.



Ben Whitelaw

Ben Whitelaw, Head of Community and Digital Development at The Times & The Sunday Times

Presentation details to be announced shortly




Panel Discussion

Content for this talk goes here …. and this is what the presentation is all about



Conference Close

Thanks for coming! Closing conference remarks by Anthony Quigley.